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  Straight vs Gay
Posted by: jatsmith236 - 2 hours ago - No Replies

  School Shooting Simulator now open!
Posted by: HelpImUpsideDown - 4 hours ago - Replies (3)

this meme is now open, we made a whole new gamemode from scratch (thanks to a man named jacob), there are still a few bugs we need to iron out most notably the shooter model (we need to add one) but yeah, other than that it's pre cool


  Calvin fisher Ban Appeal (banned for no reason)
Posted by: Pickpocket - 4 hours ago - Replies (11)

Steam Name: pickpocket 2213
Steam id: Steam_0:1:22427074
Game mode: Dark Rp
RP Name: Calvin Fisher

Ban Reason: breaking multiple rules (like i said i played for 6 mins and dident break a single rule)
Banned by: Steve Harris
Length of ban: Perm
My evidence: dont know how i can prove innocence

Reason i want to be unbanned: i played dark rp for about 6 minutes today where i was mostly afk trying to fix my sound couldent then i decided to leave and was just informed from a friend i got perma banned. admin was Steve Harris and reason was breaking multiple rules idk if the wrong person was banned but i have no clue
Did nothing wrong and i got 104 mill on this server
played so little it dident even get registered by game tracker - https://www.gametracker.com/player/Pickp...110:27016/

  Unban Star wars rp
Posted by: Wayne - 4 hours ago - Replies (1)

~ Wayne
~ STEAM_0:0:143264757
~ Game mode: Star wars rp
~ RP Name: Forgot

~ Ban Reason: Evading ban on and alternate account
~ Banned by: Doesn't say
~ Length of ban: Perma
~ Your Evidence: Have pretty much none don't really recall being banned just know i had fun times on the server did a tad of trolling when i had a hard day at school (Before i was mature) Now that the server was online again i would be happy for the server to be #1 again and have max players around the clock, In short please un ban me because i would like to have fun!

Posted by: Perrin - 5 hours ago - Replies (1)

Poseidon needs a morbus server even though morbus is a dead gamemode


i have such nostalgia for that gamemode lol :(

  River dale <3 || Spoilers
Posted by: Lizzy - 10 hours ago - Replies (5)

For anyone who watches river dale, or who ever knows about it

who's your fav character, 

Mine - Cheryl 

Fav scene so far in season 2 <3 

Mine is the Massive fight scene between South Siders and the Bull dogs tbh 


  What is this ban reason lol
Posted by: SneakyBrownBags - 11 hours ago - Replies (43)

Just got banned from an AU School Shooter server cause I play on poseidon lol. Dont know how they found out dafuq.

[Image: D0D6CF0477E6F7637B0653EA68947CD3997DE5CE]

  darkrp abh suggestion
Posted by: Lcast15 - Yesterday, 02:06 AM - Replies (4)

a friend showed me this addon called back hopping (un)fix, and of course the first thing i thought was "this would be great for darkrp!"

addon: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=778577682

instead of making a great shitpost about it, i made a video:

  Is COD:WW2 Worth
Posted by: Rangalishous - Yesterday, 01:37 AM - Replies (22)

Thinking about grabbing it, I've owned every cod game since black ops 1 (except advanced warfare) and played almost every game since og. I've heard good and bad, obviously read the steam reviews and people saying its buggy as shit. I've also heard a lot of people saying its incredibly enjoyable and fun.

So the big question is; is it worth the ~$80 AUD?

If you haven't bought / played it yourself I don't want your regurgitated reviews ty.

  Introduction to irrelevance.
Posted by: Xen16 - Yesterday, 12:40 AM - Replies (5)

Hi been here for nearly three years holy shit and wow still a F U C K I N G  N O B O D Y.

But yeah three years and three bans later thought I should like you know actually say hi for once. 
also cain 4 ladmin 2018 it will never die

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