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  Name Changing
Posted by: Juvare - 10 minutes ago - Replies (1)

Just curious why we only have it so that staff can set people's names.

Was on this evening, a couple of people were on the server, and wanted to get their names changed. The staff on at the time (Cobby) was happy to accomodate the players,
yet it just seems like more work for the staff to have to do, when giving players the permission to change their names can't really harm the server, can it?

Not sure how the whole back-end is written, but would like to have players re-gain the ability to change their names as they wish. Thoughts?

Posted by: Robin - 26 minutes ago - No Replies

why the fuck CF99 gone. it was only good regiment and the only great regiment when Reggie Jinks and I owned it.

  COOL Scavenger Hunt Event Suggestion!
Posted by: vFreshayy - 38 minutes ago - No Replies

So this is what I just thought of.

Players go in teams and hunt for a cocoa seed in a PvP Maze. Whoever is the last team with the cocoa seed wins.
It would be best to play if there were 3 or 4 teams hunting, for the thrill of not knowing who has the seed.

I guess it would be fun if you could ally with a team to hunt for the seed, but once you find the team with the seed it's KOS.

  Game crashing
Posted by: Comit - 1 hour ago - Replies (2)

Hello guys it's me SGT 3853 Comit I've been trying to join the server all day but when I'm about to load in please help (I'm on a apple/mac computer)

Comit of your Comet
The one that spelt Comit wrong when it was a late night

Load in game crashes*

  Decrypt this (needs professional experts)
Posted by: Heinzrich Beanler - 2 hours ago - No Replies

It contains secret government files of the USA's CIA during the cold war.


  The Itor Trilogy Part 1
Posted by: Hyper - 2 hours ago - No Replies

~You mustn't blame staff if your event does not run to plan.
~You must understand the chain of command and how a staff member can change your event.
~You must act mature when you are called for to help in an event.
~You must agree that your event can be cancelled if need be.
~You must stay for the duration of your event to assist staff as they run it.
~You need to understand that your idea may be declined.
~You must understand that this will not give you a better chance at staff.
~You must be calm and know how to handle stressful situations if your event doesn't go to plan.
~You must understand that your event might not work out.
~You must be willing to accept criticism from staff and players.
~You must understand that your idea will probably not turn out to be what you imagined.

~Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198164234140/
~Steam Name: Gaz
~Star Wars RP Name: 1520 Hyper
~Do you have a microphone?: Yes

~Is this a story event or non-story event?:
~What maps do you require for the event?:
~How many players is the event designed for?:
~Do you require spawns to be reset/set and if so on what maps?:
Clones spawn must be set in the Port Side Hanger
~How many staff members do you need to run the event?:
~Do you want anyone specific to run your event and if so who?:
No one specific.
~Does your event require NPCs (only combine or zombies + aliens ONLY)?:
Yes, it requires Trandoshan Soldiers
~How many enemies do you need?:
~How many neutrals do you need?:
Doctor Jan Itor
Skin: Medcorps CT skin.

SGT 7625 "Hector"
Nothing only appears over comms.

Doctor Pavalova
Nothing (Must be Event needs a Pilot License)

~Are there any specific lore characters you require for your event, if so who?:
No Lore Characters Are Required
~How many parts is your event?:
~Do you require any vehicles in your event (LAAT, ARC-170, E2A and Vulture Droid ONLY)?:
Only a LAAT is required.
~Is there a specific date or time you want your event to be run?:

A small summary of your event for players:

A Republic Medical Officer by the name of Jan Itor has gone rouge. He has top level Republic Medical Information and we don't know what he will do with it. We have also received a transmission from a trooper by the name of 7625 Hector that Jan Itor has infiltrated the ship "Hunter"  posing as a medic and planting viruses in the ship's higher ups, the transmission cut short when Hector yelled that Itor had managed to get his personal fighting force onto the ship and is now killing the rest. We must take him alive.
A detailed guide of your event for staff to read:

Have Navy intercept a transmission from Hector while still on the main ship, have Navy track his location. Have Hector say everything above.
Hold debrief
Have everyone line up inside Port Hanger.
Set up Trandoshan Soldiers through out the entire ship (also setup Jan Itor)
Create a small office inside the old Medbay office and have Jan Itor sit in there.
Order every single one of the troops to look around the ship to locate Itor.

Big gun fight to get to him.

Once they find him (in Medbay) have him put in cuffs and take him to the Primary Bridge where one of the Jedi should be located.
Have the Jedi interrogate him.
Once the Jedi find what the need have him grapple to the airlock entrance and throw him out.
Advert that he has been killed
Then have Doctor Pavalova come over in an LAAT to pick him up, from the side of the ship, then once he gets on the ship advert that he is charging up the cannons and is about to blow the bridge, then rocket the entire bridge and rp destroy it.
Advert that the ship is taking heavy damage and we have nothing to counter it, the LAAT hits the Reactor causing us to drop. Get everyone onto the LAATs and have them fly out.
Then advert that the ship has escaped to a bigger pirate cruiser and is now escaping.
We escape
Map Change Back
-Event Over-
Continued in Part 2.

  Aaron Cruise's Trusted Application
Posted by: Aaron Cruise - 3 hours ago - No Replies

Player Info
Steam Name(Includes Previous Names): 

Aaron Cruise

Steam Profile link: 

Steam ID: 

Any Donations: 
No I haven't donated to the server and most likely will not anytime soon as I currently do not have a job and all of my money is currently going towards university.

Rank Info
Why you want this rank:
I would like to be Trusted as it provides access to countless important tools. These are helpful to me as I love to attempt different types of roleplay such as; creating computer stores, tax agencies and other situations like interrogating citizens as corrupt detectives. Building tools such as adv dupe, stacker and lights would make this process go a lot faster so that my friends and I have more time to roleplay instead of wasting it during the building stage. The extra tools could also make the roleplay scenes more interesting, for example adding a light into the interrogation rooms etc (a nice guy named Mitch helped us out with this which we really appreciate). If I were Trusted it would also decrease the chances of minges thriving when staff aren't on the server. For example, if a Trusted member wasn't on earlier today the server would have been overrun by a mass-rdmer, however, Adam Kat was there to save the day.

What will you do with the extra tools & commands that you receive?:
As stated above, I will use the extra tools and commands to enhance the roleplay experience for my friends, the rest of the server and myself. As it will allow me to create new roleplay experiences in half the time. It will also allow me to deal with mass rdmers etc as I will have commands such as; voteban and votekick.

Do you agree to use the tools(adv dupe, light, etc) that come with this rank properly?: 
Yes, I agree to use all the tools and commands that come with Trusted properly.

  Wtf is wrong with this
Posted by: Pelican - 4 hours ago - Replies (2)

have not seen tis popup b4, I think my screen is broken??

[Image: 7fc96c8234b62098e130ca5a98bc2ccf.png]

  Books n Shit
Posted by: Rangalishous - 5 hours ago - Replies (12)

Favourite Books and series'?

Dunno how many of you may still read outside of whatever is compulsory for HS or Uni but what are you favourite Books, Series and Authors?

Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle (Eragon Books) is one of my all time favourites
Dereky Landy's Skulduggery Pleasant Series is 10/10, haven't finished his American Monsters Series yet because no one fucking stocks it and I hate Ebooks.
Rick Riordan's Series' are all pretty good (Percy Jackson and Shit)
John Flanagan is my favourite Childhood Author, he wrote the Ranger's Apprentice books and the Brotherband series (didnt read the later tho)

Stephen King is an absolute writing genius and I love his dark tower series, Haven't finished it yet but eventually.

Terry Pratchet Gets an honourable mention for the Discworld series, I've only read one of the books in full and bits and pieces of others but my god those books are some juicy reading

If you hadn't guessed it I like Fantasy and Adventure Novels, Most non-Fiction books I read I do it for knawledge not enjoyment.

  Does anyone have higher sad reacts than Royalty Free Music?
Posted by: Heinzrich Beanler - 6 hours ago - Replies (7)

[Image: royalty.PNG]

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