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Photo How To: Drug Dealer
Posted by: aes - 4 hours ago - Replies (4)

Hello boys and girls, today I will be showing you how to cook up some spicy cocaine as the job ; Drug Dealer in Poseidon Servers DarkRP. If you do not understand this here is a video tutorial  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcXJ94LyJHA

1st step is to find a plant one that looks like this      

2nd step is to buy one of these, it's listed in entities and called " Box for collecting leaves "      

3rd Step is to now start collecting the leaves from the plant like this      If you are lucky enough a coco seed will drop, when you get that coco seed drop it into the pot plant like this     

4th step now buy 4 Kerosin jars 

5th step fill the kerosin jars with coco leaves until they are all maxed to 45 and are ready to shake     

6th step shake all the kerosin jars till 100% completion

7th step buy 2 Drafted Leave jars and put 2 of each kerosin into each of the drafted leaves.

8th step shake them till 100% completion

9th step Buy sulfuric acid and put both of your drafted leaves into the sulfuric acid.

10th step put your sulfuric acid into the a pot https://gyazo.com/02af62925e3bc5018fdba7bc92b96703

11th step now leave it cooking till 70, if this gets past 100 it will explode and there goes 40k down the drain.

12th step buy gasoline and move it against the pot once the pot is 70 and ready

13th step the cocaine will now convert to the gasoline and clean it for 5 seconds, once that is done press e on it and boom the cocaine plops out, now all you need to do is find the Buyers which are located in the corner of BP https://gyazo.com/3db77234ab9029b0c381c2f704227252
or near the hospital doors https://gyazo.com/c6ea1f63705cf741cdb335a58b896730

This is my horrible How To, I apologise for this shitty tutorial.

  Got banned for OOC abuse when not using chat
Posted by: Zubzeii - 4 hours ago - Replies (1)

I was a thief even was the admin and the admin mugged me two times and i said i will bring a admin then i got banned for 1 hour please demote cunts like this

  Ella Blue - Random 6min ban
Posted by: Drv1le - 6 hours ago - Replies (3)

Ella Blue gave me a random 6min ban for the server.

  Hl2 gone forever?
Posted by: Higashi - 7 hours ago - Replies (1)

So just wondering, is the hl2 server is dead forever? If so what will replace it?

  Most money you have made gambling?
Posted by: Cinco Mayo - 8 hours ago - Replies (7)

Just want to what is the highest amount of money made by gambling cause i just won 1.5mil

  Anus Breeding
Posted by: Napoleon - 9 hours ago - Replies (7)


  Ban Appeal - Fizzinc
Posted by: Fizzinc - 10 hours ago - Replies (3)

~ Steam name: Fizzinc
~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:38092834
~ Game mode: GMOD TTT

~ Ban Reason: Meta-Gaming
~ Banned by: Cain, I think
~ Length of ban: I'm not sure

I've combined the next two parts just because of the context etc.
~ Your Evidence/Reason you want to be unbanned: All I can say is I play with my group of friends which apparently equals meta-gaming. We don't communicate information about the game at all, otherwise we'd have no trouble winning most rounds and getting suspicious kills. I understand it is hard to prove things like this from either perspective but it becomes so hard to play with your friends on a lot of servers without being accused. I'm curious to see the reason why I was banned besides playing with some of my friends on the server, like what else did we do.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'll respond with whatever necessary to help the appeal.

  holiday definitely - inactive
Posted by: Frankie - 10 hours ago - Replies (7)

I am in trumpland so I will be unable to fulfill my important duties as TTT trusted ( as well as my other unimportant roles)

If you need me contact someone else instead

  My ban Appeal
Posted by: Sir Flops Alot IV - Yesterday, 02:24 PM - Replies (2)

~ Steam name: Sir Flops Alot IV
~ Steam ID: (Type status in console within gmod to find) STEAM_0:0:98724728
~ Game mode: Dark Role Play (Gmod)
~ RP Name: (if applicable)

~ Ban Reason: Prop Spam|Not here to role play
~ Banned by: Egon Reichstein
~ Length of ban: -17526d 20h 58m 40
~ Your Evidence: (The Attached File)

~ Reason you want to be unbanned: The Reason I would like to be unbanned is because my friends have recently started to play DRP on your servers and I would like to join them. The other reason is when I got banned some time in 2016 was by a Trial-Moderator applying that me spawning 3 props accidentally inside each other is prop spam and has banned me for negative days growing to a bigger and bigger every day.

Thanks for reading my ban appeal and I hope you have a good day.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

  Elite's Application
Posted by: Elite - Yesterday, 12:44 PM - Replies (4)

~ Steam name: Herbert the Pervert
~ Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/xxelitestrikexx/
~ Do you meet the requirements in the pre requisites?: yes
~ Age: 14

~ Why do you believe you deserve this rank?
[Insert a description of yourself here, at least 50 words]

The reason why I should become an admin on Poseidon Servers is because I usually help around with other admins and support other players and welcome them to the server. I’m a very likable person and sometimes a good sport. My objective is to keep the rules enforced and make sure other players enjoy their game. If there anything your concerned about or something I need to improve please post it below.

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