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Danny's Admin Application

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+1 He deserves this he would make the best admin ever, I love
playing with guy he is like the best warden. He can be serious but
not so serious that he is unlikable.
Good Luck Danny hope you
get it you would make a great
admin and would be so helpful

Thank you, Sincerely

SICK KID/DANNY He deserves it the most
out of everyone who applied
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+1 seems like a cool guy who is mature and knows the rules

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+1 heaps good lad. He is a very trustworthy trusted and he is super active!
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Danny is a very helpful person to the community
I believe him getting Administrator will benefit the community alot more than currently.
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+1 great player. know the rules and has been doing a great job as trusted and is good enough for the promotion
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Welcome to the team! If you have any questions, feel free to message me on steam :)
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