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DirtyDan's LEGIT Admin App


~Must have some experience with ULX.- I have experience with Trusted on nazi zombies (as I am now) and I now know
all the rules now and are ready for admin.
~Must be 14  or mature.- Yes I am 14
~Must have a clear vision on the rules. Yes I have a clear vision of the rules on Nazi Zombies.
~Must be a likable person. Yes I am a likable person 
~Must agree to have your rank revoked at any given moment. Yes I agree that it can be taken off me 
~Must be and remain active within the server. Yes I will be active within the server 
~Must have at least 24 hours total. Yes I have a total hours of 25 hours on the server (Still playing a lot more on the server)
-Steam name must be appropriate, We want to set a good example for our community and keep it as professional as possible. Yes my steam name is fine 

~ Steam Name: Dirty Dan, Persain Empire, Tay Tay (Dirty Dan is current Steam Name)
~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:68175314
~ Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/7656119809616356
~ Any donations? Yes so far I have Donated $20 so far
~ Age: 14 years old
~Description: Hi, my name is Jack, I am 14 years old. I play soccer in winter on Tuesdays and Sundays but the rest of my time I am spent playing on Garry's Mod, either on JailBreak, Darkrp and Nazi Zombies. I am always online and are ready to help anyone who wants me to help them. I am the rank "Trusted" on the Poseidon Nazi Zombies Server. I want to help Poseidon "Nazi Zombies" as much as I can.

~ Why you deserve the rank over the other applicants: I deserve this rank because I am a trustworthy person and I want to prove it to you guys and I am helpful on other Poseidon servers and would like to be helpful on this one as well and. I spend most of my time on Nazi Zombies, Darkrp and Jailbreak. I deserve this because I am more helpful then most of the people at nazi zombies and would like to be more helpful here. I don't see any trusteds or admins on the server as I am playing so I want to make sure everyone is doing the right thing and get punished. As I am trusted I can Voteban and Votekick but sometimes it might now work and they can keep breaking the rules. I'm am very active on the server and is very friendly to new people. I always help out on the server and at least play to 1-5 hours a day.

Thank you for reading, 
yours sincerely

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Get another 24 hours, BUT THIS TIME DON'T FARM TO GET IT, one of the staff members kicked you for time farming, Just stop. Time farm again to get another 24 hours, you're black listed from staff on Nazi Zombies.
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