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Information about Poseidon Servers Murder.

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Hey there, I've noticed people not knowing how to play Murder, People not knowing the staff or rules and stuff our server doesn't have.

I'm going to start of on how to play Murder and information about the server.
Poseidon Murder is a gamemode that staff try their very best to make it fun for users, There are 3 teams, Murderer, Bystander with A secret weapon and just a plain old Bystander. As a murderer, you need to try your very best to kill all bystanders including bystander with secret weapon and not get killed, if you get killed, the round is over, but remember There's a 10 minute round limit. As Bystander With The Secret Weapon, you need to try find and kill the MURDERER, Randomly killing bystanders will result to punishment, You may warn people to not get close, and if they get close, YOU CAN shoot.
As Bystander, it's simple, Just try to survive, but you can still get a gun by collecting 5 clues (Glowing Green Things)

Some things to note:
If you are dead or spectating, you CANNOT be heard by the living players, and your text CANNOT be seen.

Staff are only here to make your experience fun, Don't have a go at them for doing their job, They're required to do it.

Metagaming is an instant permanent ban.

The Server is currently run by Monkey (Manager) and Tyger (Server Developer and Assistant Manager)

To view the Staff List click Here

To view the Server MOTD (Message Of The Day) click Here

To view the Server Changelogs click Here

To view the Administator Guidelines click Here

If you get banned and want to make a ban appeal. Click Here

If you want to report a player for breaking rules. Click Here

Want to report a staff member for abusing or breaking rules? Click Here

Now is how to piss staff off (sorry Polter) 

PoltergeistDildo to admins: cunt i got rdmed, do your fucking job dog cunt
^ Don't be abusive, we're humans too

PoltergeistDildo to admins: ungag my friend please, he did nothing wrong
^ We're not retards, we only gag or mute once they break a rule worth a mute or gag

PoltergeistDildo to admins: What's Metagaming?
^ This is the one that pisses me off the most, it's in the MOTD, If you read it, you'll know what all of the rules mean.

I'll add more if I think of more.
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